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Success Stories


Pasadena Independent School District, Texas

The Vision:  

Administrators at Pasadena ISD were interested in providing key stakeholders with access to powerful data to improve student achievement. To accomplish this goal, they needed a data warehouse and portal solution that would store multiple years of information to produce longitudinal trend analysis of student performance data.

The Mizuni Solution

Pasadena chose the Mizuni Solution – Data Warehouse, Web Portals and SIF Integration Tools – to deliver their vision of providing essential student data to Teachers, Administrators and Support Staff. The Mizuni Solution integrates data from the district’s student information system and seven other student-related applications via SIF (Schools Interoperability Framework). The SIF Implementation Specification enables diverse applications to interact and share data efficiently, reliably, and securely regardless of the platform hosting those applications.

Data-Driven Decision Making To Impact Instruction

Not only can Administrators view data at the district- and campus-level, but Teachers can view their students’ demographic, attendance, and assessment data as well. “The Mizuni Solution impacts student learning by enabling teachers to monitor student understanding and adjust their lessons accordingly.

Students learn in more depth since teachers are driving instruction to meet individual student needs,” says Dr. Kirk Lewis, Superintendent.

Cost–Effective Solution

By leveraging the SIF industry-standard as part of its off-the-shelf software, Mizuni was able to offer Pasadena a significant cost savings compared to other vendor solutions. “Mizuni was the only provider to have a proven SIF solution commercially available today. Not only did the Mizuni Solution meet our full requirements, but the start-up and annual costs were substantially lower over a five-year period than any competitor,” according to Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Bob Daughrity.

Next Steps – Sub-Group Analysis

The next step for Pasadena ISD is to further analyze student trends data. Teachers now have access to multiple years of assessment data and can quickly identify trends and changes in student performance. “We are now able to do a deeper sub-group analysis versus doing an analysis by campus or by teacher to ensure each student receives the appropriate instruction,” states Ms. Donna Summers, Director of Research and Evaluation.

“The greatest benefit of the Mizuni Solution is that I can now focus on analyzing data rather than gathering and formatting it,” Ms. Summers continues. “I am excited about what we can do and how much is available to us. We have just begun to realize the potential of our capabilities with the Mizuni Solution.”

District Statistics
  • Southeastern Texas, 15 miles fromHouston
  • 58 schools, 50,000 Students
  • Student Population: 71% Hispanic, 19% White, 70% Economically Disadvantaged