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Success Stories


Mount Pleasant Independent School District, Texas

The Goal: 

With 150-200 new students each year, Mount Pleasant Independent School District (ISD) was no longer able to manually handle the additional data entry required in their various systems to keep up with their growing student body.  Recognizing that they needed to automate,Mount Pleasantwanted more immediate feedback on assessments to help inform instruction earlier in the year. The Technology and Instruction departments worked together to find a technical solution to their instructional needs.

Mizuni District Solution – The Complete Package

Mount Pleasant chose the Mizuni Solution for their School Districts because Mizuni offered the complete package:  the Mizuni Data Warehouse, the Mizuni Dashboard Suite, the Zone Integration Server, the SIF Agents, and exceptional customer service.

Fast & Cost-Effective

Mizuni delivered to Mount Pleasanta fast, cost-effective solution.  “Other vendors’ approaches used lots of consultants and manual customization so it takes two to three years to implement,” says Mr. Arzate.  The Mizuni Solution at Mount Pleasant took six months.    “Additionally, the cost savings with Mizuni was 30% versus the second lowest estimate from other vendors.”

Improve Student Achievement

The main instructional benefit of the Mizuni Implementation is to “more accurately monitor assessments to inform instruction and improve student achievement earlier in the year,” states Mr. Terry Myers, Superintendent at Mount Pleasant ISD.

As Mount Pleasant improves the efficiency of its business systems, the school district can provide more services to students. “With Mizuni, rather than generating data manually, there will be more hours available to work with teachers at the classroom level to improve instruction. Every student can be successful. The Mizuni Solution is another tool in our toolbox to make this happen,” says Mr. Terry Myers.

Classroom Access

The Mizuni Dashboard Suite is accessible to teachers in their classrooms.  The intuitive interface makes it easy for teachers to get important information.  This is particularly helpful at the start of the school year.  Teachers can quickly and easily see not only their class rosters but also a history of performance for their new students even before the students arrive in the classroom.

Next Steps

Mount Pleasantis working hard to receive recognition from the Texas Education Agency as being an Exemplary District.  It currently has four exemplary campuses.  While there are a variety of strategic initiatives at the District, “the Mizuni Solution plays a big part in our efforts to reach exemplary status,” says Mr. Arzate.

District Statistics
  • Northeast Texas, 117 miles East of Dallas
  • 5,400 students, 9 campuses
  • Student Population: 60% Hispanic, 26% White, 14% African American, 72% economically disadvantaged