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Mizuni’s New Cloud-Based Mizuni Aspire. The Next-Generation Student Performance Management Platform

Dallas, TX (February 8, 2012) – Mizuni, Inc. is pleased to announce its new solution, Mizuni Aspire. Mizuni Aspire is the next-generation platform that delivers secure, cloud-based data management solutions for our K-12 District Partners. Mizuni Aspire provides data visualization, proactive notifications and predictive analysis in a user interface developed specifically for touchscreen tablets and smartphones. It consists of modules that solve specific problems common to K-12 school districts. These modules can be used individually or combined to create a more powerful and cohesive data management platform. We are proud to announce the first two Mizuni Aspire modules:

• Mizuni Aspire Perform allows school districts to establish and monitor goals across student performance indicators shown by research to predict student achievement. These key performance indicators include attendance, college entrance assessments, course credits, discipline, formative and state assessments, grades, mobility and suspension information. The Mizuni Aspire Perform intuitive web user interface enables Educators to monitor performance trends for each individual student while also providing analysis at the classroom, small learning community, grade and school building levels.

• Mizuni Aspire Integrate automates data transfer between school district applications eliminating redundant data entry, and improving data quality and timeliness. Mizuni Aspire Integrate consists of application-specific data adapters and cloud-based messaging services that securely connect data adapters and achieve the desired near real-time data flows. Mizuni Data Adapters are available for most student information systems and K-12 applications. In addition to reducing technology costs, Mizuni Aspire Integrate can seamlessly provide data to other Mizuni Aspire modules, reducing implementation time and costs.

The concept of Mizuni Aspire emerged after 8 years of delivering district-wide data solutions. “We noticed three trends in K-12 Education that are changing the data management environment: reduction of technology budgets for software applications; frequent turnover and decrease in technology staff; and expectation of anytime, everywhere access for all applications,” said Shane Gibbons, Director of Research & Development at Mizuni. “These financial and resource pressures mixed with higher user expectations led us to invest in the research and development of Mizuni Aspire.”

Mizuni Aspire was developed to accomplish three primary goals:
1. Support school districts’ fundamental shift from using data merely for compliance reporting to using data for improving student, classroom, and school building performance.
2. Rapidly deliver cloud-based solutions addressing K-12 school districts’ common needs in a stable environment that allows users to access information anytime, anywhere.
3. Lower the total cost of ownership for District Partners to implement enterprise-grade data management solutions that address various school district needs.

Mizuni Aspire was developed as individual modules to allow school districts to easily customize their Mizuni Aspire solution. This approach allows Mizuni District Partners to deploy only modules they currently need, thereby streamlining the implementation process, reducing project risk, and lowering cost. As district needs grow, additional Mizuni Aspire modules can be deployed anytime in the future to align with district needs and professional development timelines.

“The feedback from districts has been overwhelmingly positive. The Mizuni Aspire innovative user experience is something that districts have been longing for. The ability to deliver performance results to teachers and school leaders in an intuitive user interface will help districts transform into high-performance institutions of learning.” said Ignacio Ybarra, President of Mizuni.

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