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Mizuni’s New Hosted MizuniLive! Integration Platform Enhances Functionality and Provides Significant Cost Savings

Dallas, TX (November 16, 2010) – Mizuni, Inc. is pleased to announce the deployment of its new hosted Integration Platform, MizuniLive!.  Surpassing even the unmatched capabilities of Mizuni’s previous system, the new MizuniLive! offers state and local education agencies greatly enhanced performance, scalability, extensibility, and hosting capability.  This new hosted solution also confers substantial cost savings to districts and states by reducing the need for local, onsite servers.

“MizuniLive! is essentially hands-free and minimally invasive to an education agency’s  existing technology environment,” says Ignacio Ybarra, President of Mizuni, Inc.  “Our new technology offers an incredibly fast, flexible, and affordable data integration solution.”

The Mizuni Messaging Service (MMS), the technology driving the new MizuniLive! performance boost, enables transfer speeds of up to 10x faster than the former integration platform.  This additional power allows MizuniLive! to handle large data transfers and serve the needs of bigger districts and states.

The new MizuniLive! platform offers exceptional extensibility, able to efficiently transport and store messages from any XML-based standard, reaching beyond SIF to include standards such as Common Data Standards (CDS), Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC), Health Level XML Standards (HL7), Justice XML Data Model (JXDM), National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), and more.

MizuniLive! also introduces hosting capabilities that expand regional and state education agencies’ ability to host the software for districts, in effect, lowering the barriers that often prevent smaller districts from utilizing a SIF solution.  State- or regional-level hosting cuts costs by reducing the need to deploy local, onsite servers.  And the ease of configuration, management, and maintenance, combined with a user-friendly interface allow MizuniLive! to dramatically reduce local training needs and staff burden.