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Mizuni Joins Catoosa Public Schools’ 21st Century Learning Initiative

Addison, TX (December 1, 2009) – Catoosa Public Schools, located East of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has chosen Mizuni, Inc. as an integral technology partner for its 21st Century Learning Initiative. Catoosa’s 2,100 students will benefit from the complete Mizuni Solution for School Districts including the Mizuni Data Warehouse, Mizuni Dashboard Suite, Mizuni Zone Integration Server and Mizuni SIF Agents. Catoosa selected Mizuni because of Mizuni’s expertise in providing easy-to-use tools for data-driven instruction.

In 2007, new leadership at Catoosa embarked on a new district vision to transform teaching and learning based on 21st Century Learning models. Catoosa initiative includes not only deploying classroom teaching tools such as interactive white boards, but also implementing solutions to provide student performance data to teachers to inform instruction.

Catoosa chose the Mizuni District Solution because of its ability to make data instantly available to teachers and administrators in an intuitive format. “Mizuni integrates many years of assessment information into the system so teachers can determine where to begin teaching and how much time they should spend on each objective. If teachers see that some students need remediation while others are proficient, that will help teachers with where to start the lesson and how much time to spend on an objective,” states Ms. Brenda Aldrich, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum.

Catoosa is enthusiastic about incorporating the Mizuni Curriculum Mapping capabilities of the Mizuni District Solution as an integral part of its transformational learning environment. “This allows district-level goal setting and pacing tied to state standards to be deployed to each teacher. It gives us the freedom to determine timelines and goals locally, while still easily tying our instruction to state and federal mandates,” says Mr. Jason Johnson, Director of Technology.

“The overall value of the Mizuni Solution cannot be overstated. By providing copious amounts of student information in an easily understood format, Mizuni brings the power of data-driven instruction to the desktop of every teacher. With the Mizuni District Solution, we are able to better plan and execute our 21st Century Learning Initiative,” summarizes Mr. Johnson.