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Klein ISD Implements the Mizuni Data Warehouse in One Month

Addison, TX (February 9, 2010) – Klein Independent School District (ISD), just outside of Houston, has successfully implemented the Mizuni Solution for School Districts in record time. Klein chose the Mizuni Data Warehouse, Mizuni Dashboard Suite, Mizuni Zone Integration Server and Mizuni SIF Agents to streamline data collection and improve data reporting. In one month, Klein was up and running with the Mizuni Data Warehouse loaded with five years of historical student demographic and assessment data for its 45,000 students.

With 37 schools distributed over 88 square miles, Klein ISD faced challenges with the time it took to compile data from various applications and report on the data. To assemble reports, Klein Staff spent “hours, days, or even weeks depending on what was trying to be accomplished,” states Ms. Vicki James, Executive Director of Student Information Systems, Klein ISD.

In August 2009, Klein selected the Mizuni District Solution to streamline data collections, improve data quality and make data available in an easy-to-use manner for their administrators, counselors and teachers. In the coming months, Klein plans to integrate data from additional systems including finance, human resources, textbook management, food services and transportation.

While Klein selected Mizuni for the solution provided, they have been thrilled with the speed of implementation. “Mizuni definitely exceeded all of the original time lines. We were up and running within one month. In that time frame, Mizuni pulled five years of historical data from our student information system into the Mizuni Data Warehouse and loaded five years of TAKS [state] test data for all 45,000 students,” declares Ms. James.

Klein is enthusiastic about the power of the Mizuni District Solution. “We are helping our districts achieve more information-rich environments by providing access to data at the press of a button,” states Mr. Ignacio Ybarra, President of Mizuni. “The combination of our technology solutions and district leadership will directly and positively impact student achievement.”