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Success Stories


Keller Independent School District, Texas

Just North  of Fort Worth, Texas, Keller Independent School  District  (ISD) serves over 33,000 students on 39  campuses. The District  needed  a solution to make  all student data  more accessible  for administrators, teachers, and  other staff. The District  determined that a data warehouse would  give them the “one-stop”  solution their stakeholders needed.

At first, Keller ISD explored the possibility  of developing its own custom  data  warehouse. The District staff did research  and spoke  with other  districts that had  already  tried to tackle the problem internally.  They found  that building a simple  data  repository  seemed feasible, but taking  the next step to make  the data  easily viewable  and accessible  to end-users  was a much  tougher challenge. The District  realized  that the value of the project  would  be greatly  diminished without  the end-user  component. Ultimately, Keller ISD decided against an internal  custom  built  data  warehouse.

The District staff eventually  came  across a study done  at Pasadena ISD, Texas by the Institute for Research and  Reform in Education  as part of a high  school  reform  project  and became intrigued by the Mizuni Data  Warehouse and  Dashboard Suite Solution. After extensive research, Ms. Cinnamon Skewes, Project Manager at Keller ISD said, “Without  exception, all the districts we interviewed  said Mizuni’s customer  service was exemplary  and that the data  warehouse product was well received  by teachers  and administrators.”


In the Fall of 2010, Keller ISD chose the Mizuni Solution  to implement the “one-stop” solution to access student data.  In one month, Mizuni was able  to implement the Mizuni Data  Warehouse, Mizuni Dashboard Suite, Mizuni Integration Server and Mizuni Data Adapters  for Keller ISD. Integration with existing systems, such as Sungard  K12 Education’ s eSchoolPLUS student information system, was a breeze. “The Mizuni team  communicated their needs and expectations regarding the data  integration process. They often  anticipated or uncovered issues before  we even knew they existed,” said Ms. Skewes. After implementation, administrators became  avid  users of the Mizuni  Solution, which they found to be intuitive  and  greatly  beneficial in informing their work.  Teachers are also now beginning to use the dashboard to access real-time information. “Teachers now have access to all their student data  in one easy-to-access location breaking down  the data  silos that existed prior  to implementing the Mizuni  Solution,” reported Ms. Skewes. The district says that this easy access has greatly  increased data  use to inform  decision-making in the classroom. The district is also rolling out access to other  staff such as Gifted and Talented Coordinators, Intervention Specialists, and Security Specialists, who are eager  to see and  use the information


The implementation process and the district’s greatly  expanded use of data  created  the desire for more  and better quality  data.  “Having more  data  at your fingertips  uncovers  areas of opportunities where improvement is needed,”  said Ms. Skewes. Keller lSD staff is now working to improve the accuracy  and completeness of the District’s data, which  will  provide  better information for decision-making.


With a vast quantity  of key historical data  at their users’ fingertips  (attendance, assessments, grades,  behavior, enrollment, and demographics), Keller lSD is now working to streamline processes throughout the district to deliver  school  office  staff with more  timely data  and to move  toward a more  proactive approach to data  use. “We plan  on being  more  proactive in the use of data  by using predictive analysis to anticipate student outcomes rather than  simply being  reactive,” says Joe Griffin, Chief  Technology  Officer at Keller lSD. ” Predictive analysis should  now be possible  to help us generate  expected  performance on State Accountability ratings  and  other  student performance indicators.”

 About Mizuni

Fusing a commitment to improving education with decades  of experience  developing corporate enterprise  solutions, Mizuni, Inc. has pioneered an innovative data-driven decision-making solution for education. The Mizuni PK 12-Enterprise Information Management Solution  for Districts informs  instruction and  improves  student achievement  by providing educators with accurate, real-time information. Our  solution is comprised of the

Mizuni Data  Warehouse, Mizuni Dashboard Suite, Mizuni Integration Server and Mizuni Data Adapters.  Also available is the Mizuni  PK-20 Enterprise Information Management Solution for States designed to meet the unique  information needs of State Education Agencies. Today, over 700,000 students throughout the U.S. benefit  from  the Mizuni  Solution.

District Statistics
  •  Part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
  •  33,000 students, 39 campuses, 2,100 instructional staff
  •  One of the fastest growing Texas districts
  •  Student enrollment has doubled in the last 10 years
  •  Opened 23 new campuses since 2000