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Success Stories


Edmond Public Schools, Oklahoma

The Challenge:  “Data Rich and Information Poor”

Edmond Public Schools in Edmond, Oklahoma was challenged by the efficiency of its reporting processes.  Creating reports manually was difficult and time consuming.  There was no shortage of data, but the proverbial ‘data rich and information poor’   characterized our efforts to truly be a data-driven school district,” explains Mr. David Fraser, Chief Financial Officer, Edmond Public Schools.

The Mizuni District Soution

To increase the efficiency of reporting processes and improve data analytics, Edmond turned to the Mizuni Solution for School Districts.  Three years earlier, Edmond had implemented the Mizuni SIF Integration Tools to enable their disparate systems to communicate with each other.  Edmond now connects data from its Student information, Library, Transportation, Special Education, and Gradebook Systems.  With the addition of the Mizuni Data Warehouse and Mizuni Data Dashboards, Edmond has gained the ability to consolidate data from these systems and easily analyze the information.

Consolidated Assessment Data

Oklahoma mandates end-of-year exams for middle and high school students and provides the results to its districts.  The Mizuni Solutions, which links students to their teachers and courses, consolidates this assessemnt data with other key student information for reporting purposes giving Edmond the ability to analyze student performance longitudinally at both the classroom and student levels.


The Mizuni District Solution delivers student achievement data at the district, school and classroom levels.  Edmond uses this information to evaluate how well they are meeting their students’ needs and target areas for improvement.  “Mizuni provides performance data to our instructional staff to facilitate improvements in our curriculum and instructions.  It shows us where we need to focus our efforts in the future and where we are making adequate progress,” says Mr. Fraser.

Time Saving

With the Mizuni District Solution, Edmond’s staff has saved a significant amount of time running reports.  One such example is the labor intensive process of determining which students need remediation services based on their performance on state tests.  Previously, the data for this report took two administrators four days to gather.  With Mizuni, they have the necessary information in five clicks. “It was a day of celebration when we first used the Mizuni Solution.  The time savings is tremendous and allows our professional staff to spend their time in a more productive manner to improve instruction,” said Dr. Linda DeSpain, Associate Superintendent of Educational Services, Edmond Public Schools.

Next Steps – Classroom Access

Over the next six months, Edmond will make more data accessible at the classroom level to inform instructions.  “When we make instructional plans based on data, we can better meet student needs and be more individualistic in our approach.  This will help students achieve at higher levels,” concludes Ms. DeSpain.

District Statistics
  • Central Oklahoma, covering 130 square miles
  • 20,747 Students, 25 Schools
  • Student Population: 74% White, 11% Black, 5% Hispanic, 24% Economically Disadvantaged