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Success Stories


Durant Independent School District, Oklahoma

The Challenge:  

At Durant Independent School District in Southeast Oklahoma, state testing occurs in April, with results returned to the district mid-summer.  This does not give teachers enough time to react and adjust their instruction to impact their current class of students.  Durant was looking for a technology solution that would offer Teachers and Administrators real-time assessment data.  To accomplish this, the solution needed to consolidate data from disparate systems into an easy-to-use interface for users.

The Mizuni Solution

Durant chose the Mizuni Solution – Data Warehouse, Web Portals and SIF Integration Tools – to meet these demands because of Mizuni’s experience, technology leadership, and cost-effective solution.

The Impact On Instruction

The Mizuni Solution provides teachers with hard-to-get longitudinal assessments data so that teachers can adjust their instruction according to individual needs.  “I believe the inability to interpret and disaggregate data has been the single biggest barrier for our school in our efforts to improve test scores and address the needs of individual students.  Now, the teachers’ ability to access data that is applicable to their current students is very useful.  Teachers can determine their course of study based on individual student test scores,” states Mr. Tod Harrison, Principal at Durant Intermediate School.

Not only is the data accessible, but it is straight-forward to interpret.  The graphical representations and point and click environment make it easy for teachers to navigate.  “The information is grouped by the twenty students in the teacher’s classroom.  Mizuni provides the assessment data teachers have wanted forever in a clean, neat, and easy-to-read format,” according to Ms. Andi Hudson, Technology Integration Specialist.

The Impact On It Staff

The Mizuni implementation “was simple to implement for the IT staff” says Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Todd Hughes.  “Very few vendors can parse data like Mizuni.  With Mizuni, the assessment data uploads in minutes and aligns data to individual students.”

As a result, Mizuni has truly changed the role of the IT staff within the district from support to training providers and business process consultants.  The Mizuni Solution has offered Administrators a venue to find the information they need without relying on IT staff.

Next Steps

The next step for Durant is to add four Benchmark Assessments so that student performance is measured and analyzed periodically throughout the year.  Additionally, Durant is going to add student behavior to the data warehouse, offering a better picture of a student’s complete performance and history.  “I have high expectations for what the Mizuni Web Portals are going to provide for us in the very near future,” says Ms. Barbara Hardy, Teacher at Durant Intermediate School.

District Statistics
  • Southeast Oklahoma, 90 miles North of Dallas
  • 6 campuses, 3,300 Students
  • Student Population: 54% White, 36% Native American, 58% Economically Disadvantaged